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In times of crisis, getting a job is quite complicated, both to find and to maintain, but it is not absolutely impossible.

We must put beside the pessimism, although unemployment figures are so alarming, in Todo el Trabajo del Mundo  we offer you all the possibilities to have a job as soon as possible. Although it should be clear that it is not easy, we should not have expectations of finding work soon and rather is a process where results are achieved in the medium term. This means that we cannot find discouraged if we don’t find  work the first day, nor the second, we must continue with the same determination that at first, the attitude towards the job search must always be positive even after a long time.

To get employment we have to follow 5 factors:

1.- We Work: Job Search: Job search should be like our daily work to which you have to spend a few hours a day, with a discipline and planning. We must use our time well. Obviously unless a necessity, we must not apply for a job, or send your CV to jobs not adapt our profile.

2.- Check our profiles on Social Networks:We have to review the comments made on social networks, forums, photos you've uploaded (remove nights of partying). All of this takes part of our digital identity, if a company is interested in us in the first place it will go to look for information is on social networks.

We should also take advantage of these tools with the following:
Customize your profile, ask former colleagues, bosses, etc., which we recommend. We use the contacts to meet new professionals.

3.- Preparing for our CV:Everybody lies on their CV, we do not, but we can highlight what helps us and what we can offer each company. Although we have a CV type maybe we should make small changes to the company as we ship. We highlight what we can offer, emphasizing the skills and knowledge, which we can differentiate from the rest.

4.- Register in job portals: the employment sites: as Labroris, Monster, etc are almost a necessary tool to find a job, are very easy to use, only need to enter a profile and CV and search for offers jobs that interest us.

5.- The interview: Once we have achieved an interview should not miss this opportunity. We have to be there in point or a few minutes before the hour, with clothes and look right, as far as you can with as calmly as possible.

The Autumn approaches in the Southern Hemisphere and the ski resorts begin to prepare for a new winter. Before and especially when the season starts lots of JOB Ski Resorts in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina and Chile, especially in housing, hotels, apartments are created, maintenance also can work both own work in the ski resort and the apartments or hotels in the area, or as monitor a ski or snowboard.
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Información de: Formula 1, Motociclismo, Rallyes, Concentraciones Moteras, Tuning, DTM, WTCC, Karting, motocross, trial, 4x4, Autocross, clásicos, ferias, cursos de conducción etc.
Como llegar, controlar el tiempo que va a hacer, hoteles, restaurantes, entradas, etc...
Concentraciones Moteras en España en 2012, anunciadas por zonas y fecha, con mapa, tiempo, el cartel.... Diseño de páginas web en Marbella, Costa del Sol, diseño gráfico y publicidad.
Arte, cuadros, camisetas y corbatas pintadas a mano, acuarelas, oleos, Jose J. Tejedor.
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